Cooper Skerry - Leeds United

I was introduced to Glan Letheren in January 2019 in Queensland, Australia where I was playing for Brisbane City Football Club.  Glan put me through a training session with some other Goal Keepers.  Glan was convinced I had the ability to play in the UK so through his network of football contacts he was able to get me trials for Academy positions at Swansea FC and Manchester United the same month.  The feedback from both these clubs was very positive so my family and I made the move to the UK mid-2019.

By the time we arrived in England Glan had made enquiries and found out that Leeds United Football Club Academy still had an opening for a First-Year Academy Goal Keeper.  Glan travelled to Leeds with us and introduced me to the coaching staff.  After a trial over a couple of weeks, I was offered a 2-year scholarship position in the Academy.

Glan’s contacts and advice put me in the position I am in now.  His assessment of my abilities and introductions to the Academies opened the door for me to come to the UK.  I am now playing with a great club and learning from the best coaches.  This year since being at Leeds I was called into an Australian selection camp for U19’s. I am very excited about my future football career and I have Glan to thank for making it all possible.


Copper Skerry with Glan

Charlie Miller - A scholar at Plymouth Argyle Football Club

We have known Glan for over three years. Glan was recommended to us as the man who could make things happen and he has. We have been delighted with his enthusiasm, professionalism and passion.

Glan is a down to earth person who is willing to help all players both young and old with his fantastic knowledge of the game and his football contacts.

He is a no-nonsense person who has helped Charlie develop both as a player and person and has helped Charlie get the opportunity of training at Manchester United, Swansea and Plymouth.

Charlie Miller in action.

Matthew Turner - Leeds United

From when you started coaching me in 2015. There has been such a transformation in my game. Due to your expertise and knowledge of the game glan.

You also had the belief in Me to send me for trials in 2016 which secured me a 2 year scholarship at Leeds United.

Thank you. Will never be enough glan.

Matthew Turner Fifa 2020
Matthew Turner signs for Leeds United.

Judd Baker - Swansea City Pro

Glan. What a man. Glan has played the biggest part in my footballing career to date.

Glan spotted me during our international football tour of the UK in 2013 where he opened up the door to me with trials to Swansea and Leicester City. Coming from New Zealand this was huge for me as it is every boy's dream of playing professional football. Being on the other side of the world it is very difficult to be noticed by clubs in Europe and without Glan, I would have probably never been given the opportunity at all.

From the moment I arrived in Swansea Glan took me in and treated me as his own son. I could not thank him enough for what he had done for me. 3 Days into my trial at Swansea and I had been offered a 2-year pro. This was a dream come true for me and this would not of happened without Glan.

A couple of years on Glan linked me with a trial at Celtic FC where I trained with the first team for just short of a month but due to not having a European passport and with the new FA Rules implemented it meant that I was unable to carry on at Celtic.

This didn’t stop Glan and he kept pushing me and opening the door to many many more opportunities, where I went to two Norwegian top league clubs.

Again I can’t thank Glan enough. He has allowed me to see some parts of the world that I never thought I’d see. He has let me experience top professional football in Europe. Countless opportunities and plenty of support. Glan is not only a top coach with plenty of experience playing professional football at the highest level but one of the most genuine people I have ever met. He will go out of his way to make sure you are looked after and will also provide you with criticism on what you are doing well and what you need to work on which just enables you to get to that top level.

Everyone footballer needs a Glan Letheren in their lives.

Judd Baker - Swansea City

Jaime Cogman -  Cardiff City FC

In January 2019 whilst in Australia Glan hosted two days of intense training for myself and a few other goalkeepers.

Once the two days of training had finished Glan had immediately got in contact with Cardiff City and had organised a trial for myself; Within a week I was on the plane to Cardiff.

The trail was brilliantly organised which meant I got to experience the full scholar experience, including gym, education, training and a game.

Thanks to Glan’s training sessions and organisation of the trial I was able to secure a two-year scholarship with Cardiff City FC.

Jaimie Cogman and Glan.

Dylan Castenheira - Trialist with Bristol City FC

"Glan Letheren has been a huge inspiration in my life and has opened up many doors for me ever since we met back in August. Because of Glan, I have been given the opportunity of a lifetime to go to England for the first time in my life, to be invited to train with a professional club in the Premier League.

Not only has he presented me with several once-in-a-lifetime opportunities, but he has taught me a lot from his training sessions. Not only does he give me constructive criticism on how to improve my weaknesses, but he complemented me on my strengths which has enhanced my goalkeeping skills. His mentoring has helped me improve significantly on my positioning, handling, diving, and parrying. Glan’s experience as professional goalkeeper has inspired me to work harder to get to the next level.

Glan has trained youth players for several years, his advice and guidance has helped me succeed during my stay at Stoke City. Not only is Glan a superb coach, he is also a great person with a great sense of humor off the field. Most importantly, he has been supportive and believes that I can strive to the next level. Glan is a role model to me and has definitely changed my life. At this time last year, I was struggling to make a name for myself in the athletic world. Now, I am on trial with Leicester City and Stoke City, two major clubs in England.

I would like to give recognition and gratitude to Glan for his encouragement and support in guiding me thru this journey of a lifetime. This would not have been possible without Glan Letheren."

Dylan Castenheria

Aleksander Gogic - Pro with Reading FC

Aleks Gogic signing with reading

Tim DiBisceglie - Trialist with Kilmarnock FC

Glan has been extremely helpful in my trial over at Kilmarnock FC. Without his insight, direction, and connections  wouldn't have been able to travel overseas and have the experience of a lifetime. Going on trial in Scottish Premier League has been the biggest thing to happen to me so far in my career, and he made everything happen for me.

To this day I still remember him telling me to work on the parts of my game that I needed to improve, but most importantly to highlight my strongest attributes. Not every player is perfect in every aspect of the game, but the great ones constantly use what they are best at to stand out from the rest.

When Glan brought me over to Scotland, I trained with Kilmarnock FC where I got to play against Everton FC and blanketed their top academy striker. That was the most amazing experience, and it exposed me to the level of play needed to get to in order to get to the next level. After Kilmarnock coach Alan Robertson trained and evaluated me, he said that I had what it took to play in the Premier League.

Ultimately without international clearance, I remained in the US and chose to play at the University of Scranton, a top 10 DIII team in the country for soccer. Even though I didn't stay over in Scotland, Glan was able to give me the exposure to clubs in Europe and without him I wouldn't have received attention from other coaches.

Glan is a great coach, person, and role model. He is so easy to get along with, and has a great personality. He's been such a huge help, and is still a very influential person in my football career. Glan made my dream to play in Europe possible, and everything accomplished in the UK wouldn't have been possible without his direction and help. I look forward to working with Glan in the years to come.

Tim DiBisceglie in action.

Alex Borto - (Coming Soon)

Alex Borto
Alex Borto in action.